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and then my ex said ...

A collection of grievances, suggestions, and flat out insults from your ex bf/gf/hook up that just make you go, "O rly?"

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Jun 10 '13

My ex-boyfriend decided to coin this term for my thighs, and I just can’t get it out of my head. He called my thighs “Little Hams”.

Jun 10 '13

"don’t worry…"

 ”I don’t like hot girls”

Jun 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

I read the article you wrote. You need to keep this up because ... without this, as crazy as it sounds, I no longer take it so direct. Up until this point I believed every stupid word, every stupid shitty word. And now to see that its not just me. And I'm not alone. Is shocking, its painful. Its healing. Don't you dare regret making this!

Live your life! <3

May 25 '13

"I know you have this chronic illness and all, but there are people out there with illnesses much worse than yours, and they are handling it better than you are." Uhm, what??

May 17 '13

Facebook message:  ”I thought I was upset because my father died, but really I was upset because I was unhappy with you.”

…um, what?

May 13 '13

"I didn’t hit you, I popped you."

May 10 '13

During a visit, I found various photos of my long distance BF screwing SEVERAL different women. After I returned home enraged and disgusted, he called and asked why it bothered me so much. “Is it because they were more attractive than you are?”

May 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

"I really want to be with you but if I bring home a non catholic black girl my mom will flip... If you were either samoan or catholic we could make this work"


May 10 '13

"I didn’t get you a gift because I wasn’t sure we’d still be together" as we were driving to his Aunts house for Christmas.  We sure didn’t last long after that.

May 10 '13

Anti-Supportive Boyfriend

My boyfriend of a year and a half, when I called him hysterically sobbing after my mother broke the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer: 

"Well, she is going to die eventually, why are you so upset?”

I was an idiot and terrified of the trauma my family was about to face so I didn’t dump him right then and there but damn. Shoulda woulda. 

My mom recovered, after 8 long months of chemo and radiation. I moved home to take care of her through the treatment and HE dumped ME because “He didn’t sign up for this kind of drama when he fell in love with me”.  He was 40. I was 26. 

He started dating a kinda-friend 2 weeks after we broke up and they are now married with a child and I am in a super happy relationship. So it all worked out for the best but wow…he was a real piece of work.